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Welcome to the Quiff Salon FAQ. Here our hairdressers and beauticians have looked to answer a handful of questions they frequently receive from prospective clients around the Headingley area. While they cover subjects like our student discount, contouring, sunbeds, nails, waxing and in-style men’s hair trends, we’re aware they don’t cover every base. If you find you have a different question not listed below, then don’t hesitate to call our hair salon on 01132 784 442. Our friendly team will be more than happy to answer your query and give you free, no-obligation advice on whatever subject you’re curious about.


Quiff Salon – Headingley FAQ


What is contouring?

Contouring was once a term that exclusively described the careful use of makeup to accentuate certain parts of the face. These days, contouring can also refer to colouring hair to highlight/shadow and achieve the same effect. It’s become increasingly popular throughout the UK, not least in Headingley.


By combining dark and light tones, both applied by traditional highlighting and free hand application techniques, our highly qualified and experienced hairdressers can draw attention to/define your best characteristics. Likewise, it can draw the eye away you’re your least favourite features.

As contouring is an entirely bespoke service, it suits anyone and everyone. While many see it as a women’s hair technique, with men’s hair trending increasingly towards lengthy cuts/styles, our hairdressers now often perform contouring for both men and women.


How often should I be using sunbeds?

Firstly, it’s important to establish that there are certain people around Headingley who certainly shouldn’t use sunbeds. These include: children under 18, people with a history of skin cancer in their family, and people on medication that might increase their photosensitivity. Everyone else is typically ok for 2-3 sessions on sunbeds each week.

However, how long a session is depends on certain personal factors, as well as the sunbeds being used. If it’s your first time visiting our Headingley hair salon to use our sunbeds, we’ll be able to advise you on the length of session you should be looking at. When used sensibly, the benefits that sunbeds can afford (increased Vitamin D production, a healthy tan etc) significantly outweigh the negligible risk involved.


What men’s hair and women’s hair styles are in vogue this year?

Our hairdressers have found that when it comes to men’s hair styles in 2016, short and choppy cuts, the textured quiff and “big shape” looks are all proving exceptionally popular. There’s also been many more fashion-savvy chaps around Headingley and the wider UK opting for medium to long men’s hair. Seen something you like online or in a magazine? Bring us in a picture and we’ll be able to discuss your requirements and figure out a way to recreate a complimentary, similar look for you.

Women’s hair-wise, celebs have been spotted sporting the classic bob in droves. Likewise, the long and layered look, ala Kendall Jenner, and full-bodied natural curls are both going down a treat among our clients. Being versatile stylists with heaps of experience, our hairdressers will happily sit down with you and discuss the look you’re going for. So be sure to book an appointment with our Headingley hair salon today!


My nails look worn/boring. Can you help?

Yes! We offer pedicures and manicures to get your nails looking healthy and well-looked after, and also Essie gel colouring that’ll stop nails looking bland and uninspiring.


Can you explain the differences between the waxing options you offer?

We wax eyebrows, lips, chins, underarms, legs, chests and backs, which are all fairly self-explanatory, and intimate areas (Brazilian & Hollywood waxing). Brazilian waxing takes off all the hair off the bikini line, leaving a small strip at the front. Hollywood waxing takes off all hair from the front, round to the bottom, and is a complete hair removal solution.

If it’s your first time waxing, don’t worry! While it may smart a little, it’s a lot less painful than many people imply. We’ll talk with you beforehand and explain the process. Please keep in mind that we only offer intimate waxing to over 18s.


Are there other promotions you offer alongside your student discount?

Alongside our student discount and a separate student pricing list, we currently offer a “Recommend Your Friend” deal, and a rescheduling incentive. Any of our Headingley clients rescheduling with us within 8 weeks of an appointment will receive 10% off a colour + cut + style, colour + style + finish or Essie gel nails. Recommend a friend or family member, and you’ll both receive £5 off any service offered by our hair salon (minimum £25 spend with beauty services).


Have a different question for our Headingley hairdressers? Pick up the phone and call us on 01132 784 442.

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